“I cannot explain it, Master,” the viselike grip on the dominus’ balls sent a nauseating pain into the man’s lower intestines. “It is beguiling.”

“It is incompetent,” another squeeze, “it is repugnant,” still another, “but it is hardly beguiling.”

“The magus searched as the scripture indicates,” a wince of pain, “The breach we felt yestermorn fought the possession and, as said by the magus, it appeared the confrontation ended in conflagration. The magus then attempted an astral projection to the encounter, but was led instead to one who resembled the Drachr in looks and manner. The Drachr must be aware of our vigilance or…aaaah, must not be in the vicinity.”

“Led to another, you say?” the Emperor Cesarz released his grip, “Each of your attempts have been led astray. Could it be that another has gained the portal, that it has evaded your scrutiny?”

“That may be, my Lord,” the swarthy dominus grimaced from phantom pain, “but it would certainly have to be one of the same blood or lineage.”

“You witchdoctors are all alike,” the Emperor Cesarz mused, “always shunning blame. Perhaps there is a way to find this other entity. How must it be done?”

“I do not know, my Lord,” the dominus groveled. “Perhaps I have come across a doppelganger.”

“A doppelganger you say,” the Emperor Cesarz appeared pensive.

“Yes, my lord,” the dominus saw an advantage, “scripture alludes to the possibility of doppelgangers from each portal. That confronting your very doppelganger could result in a plethora of complications.”

“Then I will have to find out who this other is,” a grin appeared out of nowhere, more a grimace on the pox laden face. “I have one in service who may be beneficial. Give to me a name that attaches to this doppelganger that I may locate him myself…always myself.”

“It shall be done,” the dominus continued in his servile posture.

“And yet, we are no closer to discovering the Drachr’s endgame here in this universe?” The Emperor Cesarz contemplated. “But you are sure the Drachr knows nothing of our aspirations?”

“Nothing may be known truly, my Lord,” the dominus bowed as he backed from the room, “But it appears the Drachr is here on an errand of some gravity.”

“Why is this sky so sordid and unlively?” The Emperor Cesarz spread his arms to welcome the sun, as its rays emerged illuminating throughout the orange grove. “The fate of our mission rests with trapping the Drachr in the vessels he assumes, but now you tell me he is searching for this one individual. You assure me that when we find the doppelganger, it will lure the Drachr to us?”

“So scripture says, my Lord.”