ch03sec5Brown and Winters arrived, as the EMTs were wheeling the gurney out to the victim. This one might still be alive and finally they would have a lead. They jostled their way through the crowd assuming an air of authority, let me go boy with the hope of keeping these good Samaritans from ruining a perfectly good crime scene. Brown short and stout, and red faced as he shoved and yelled, Winters lithe and tall, quietly cajoling until they were able to secure a circle around where the man had combusted, while the EMTs went about their jobs.

“Will he make it?” Brown shoved a hefty black woman out of the way.

“Hell, no,” the EMT lifted the sheet; the skull burnt beyond recognition looked like that Munch’s screaming fellow. “You the cops?”

“Yeah, lucky us?” Brown bent down to observe the body.

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