“What a mess I’ve made of this,” Roger was stuck in a supply closet on the 7th floor near the burn ward. “I should have known.” He had spent the better part of the afternoon reconning the hospital for ingress and egress, hanging out inconspicuously near the reception area (he knew that a celebrity in the hospital would create a stir) listening for the room number, it was his gift—the ability to remain innocuous in a room full of people. After discovering the room number, he acted the part of a bereaved relative searching for a room. On the 7th floor, he’d found the burn ward, but as he turned the corner of the long corridor, several officers were milling around; in front of the obvious door an officer sat. Roger let out an explicative as he tried to casually walk past the sitting guard; he took two spins but no one noticed, then turned the corner bereavement on his face and shut himself into the supply room.

Not sure what his next move would be, a premonition came to him assimilate with your surroundings of course, Roger found blankets, robes, etc. He was already wearing his islanders so by simply slipping into one of the hospital gowns from the shelf; he was able to look the part of a patient. He waited well into the night until a premonition keep in the shadows in this way you will avoid detection warned him to emerge once more into the corridor. Worried about someone noticing, he loitered slowly down the corridor, grabbing an IV pole with a bottle of saline hooked on top and taping the tube to his wrist. After an interminable time, he eventually circumvented the nurses’ station and to avoid suspicion was making his way back when fortune found his way. The nurse had entered the room and closed the curtains to do something with the patient. In that instant a blaring alarm sounded, and over the PA “Code blue, room 734” sent several nurses scrambling. Roger ambled his way this whole crazy world is just too frustratin near the door to Cassandra Diamond’s room. Just as he was passing, the nurse bolted through the door, leaving the curtain closed, and the officer, apparently taken with the nurse, fell in with her, take the opportunity presented leaving the room unguarded. Roger left the IV pole against the wall and easily slipped into the hospital room.