Dju hear???? Mackensie Peter’s phone vibrated upon his desktop. He saw it came from Jose and quickly began thumb typing.


Cazz Diamond burned bad

NMP call Rog

Gfus where is the GBy?

Dk sd?

Sucking What???

Cm I can’t remember all these f@#ckin acronyms. Mac’s phone buzzed again.

“Where’s Roger” the voice was breathless. “Cazz Diamond was found in an alley, burnt to hell.”

“So, you’ve been hacking into the unauthorized frequencies again?” Mac laughed on his side of the line.

“For your information,” the voice was louder, “Those frequencies are ours. The government stole those frequencies handful of senators don’t pass legislation after 911. I just monitor them to make sure they are on the up and up. But I need to talk to Roger; this shit is serious.”

“That story was over a year ago,” Mac sighed, “What would make ya think that Roger would have anything to do with Cazz Diamond?”

“Cause the holy Miss Diamond met her fate at his address,” the voice faltered, “Was Rog working on something else?”

“It was over a year ago,” Mac winced. “but I’m pretty sure that Roger doesn’t get invited to the Diamond’s parties.”

“Well they found her in the alley next to his apartment building,” the voice rose, “and when the cops put two and two together, and marches alone can’t bring integration Roger’s name is bound to come up.”

“If I recall,” Mac exasperated, “it was Miss Diamond that had it out for Roger not the other way around.”

“So what if Cazz Diamond was lying in wait for Roger?”

“To do what?”

“I don’t know. Maybe was going to burn him or something and she took the brunt of it.”

“You really need to get out more. You’ve been watching too many cop shows; that’s not what happens in real life.”

“Come over here and listen in on some EMT calls, when human respect is disintegratin you’ll see what happens in real life. Anyway it doesn’t look good for Rog, so, if you will, could you give him a heads up. I’ll try calling but he is useless with technology.”

“Ok, see what you can find out about this. If what you say is true and they link Roger to Cazz Diamond,” he laughed when he saw the text gtfbtw, “that would be a huge mess.”