Brown and Winters waited for forensics to come and take samples, then headed up the street to the Donut King. They had just begun to eat their breakfast when the call came through.

“What have you got?” Mosely was wasting no time, must have someone in his office already.

“We got a spot of charred remains on the sidewalk,” Brown answered between bites, “we got a pair of shoes with the soles melted. We got squat to go on.”

“Let me speak to Winters.”

“Here, it’s for you.”

“Hello, captain,” Winters had just finished his runny eggs. “From my judgment, I would assume that it was spontaneous combustion. All the particulars line up. Yes, we’ll begin checking into some new concoction the bums might be consuming, we’re looking at a theory dealing with a flame thrower; one of our officers served in the Mideast.” Winters shifted in his seat, “No, we haven’t seen the girl; she was already gone when we arrived. I’m not sure if that would help. Of course sir, my job is not to think, got it.”

“What was that all about?”

“We’re heading to the hospital to see if the girl has woken up.”

“Damnit, I hate desk jockeys,” Brown grabbed the last powdered doughnut, causing a cloud of dust, as they rose to leave.