The Dallas Richards Continuum, a novel in three books, nine parts, and presented on the Internet as the 1st Mulitmedia Interactive Novel (MIN).
The goal of the project is to create a multimedia platform for the performance of a serialized trilogy that will be delivered on the Internet—a Multimedia Interactive Novel. The novel itself will encompass several different genres: Detective, Adventure, Transcendental, Sci-fi & Fantasy.

The foundation for the novel can be found in the principles of the multiverse theory in physics and involves a quest for Roger Miller, a down and out investigative reporter, to find and interview a rock icon from the turn of the century, Dallas Richards. In the course of his adventures, he will pick up characters who are all driven to find the same person and the group be confronted with a variety of fringe groups that reside in this country.

The delivery will consist of: a kindle type book format, music videos, video scenes from selected sections of each chapter, interactive puzzles & games, contests of audience participation in shooting backgrounds for the story, submitting extraneous texts that play with the novel, and polling. . There will also be a social website that will deal with several of the issues that will be brought up in the book including: spontaneous combustion, veteran’s issues, homeless saga, multiverse theory, and several of our contributors’ personal blogs.

Each of the major characters will interact in several different social networking platforms independent of the novel, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and several will also own a blog pertaining to their concerns within the framework of the novel, ex. Isabella runs a shelter and will have a blog about the homeless problem in America. Also, places that the characters wind up will be real (followed on Google Earth) and linked in as the novel progresses across the country, and any materials or gadgets used will be linked also, ex. Cassandra buys clothes for their trip—all the purchases will be linked to the actual article of clothing on sale at the posh boutique, where she purchased it.