Just scraps of atoms, an intercourse of infrastructure
Just a gravitational momentum damming up like driftwood
in a stream, but no stream and no drift or
Perhaps an immense heat brought on by the atoms collisions
a stultifying swirling cacophony of expanding gases. Now!
billowing and belching in a maelstrom of debris and dust; building
velocity into an infinitude of flashing lights and the whole damn thing got started…

MAybe that’s it!
MAybe that’s why its called the big bang!
One huge tearing twisting intercourse of the galaxy; red rock, dust debris
sucked into an omnipotent vacuum of light and molded like a clay sculpture
MAybe it did take seven days
MAybe it was like on that star trek show and some moron mixed the matter
with the anti-matter and splashed all the planets into orbit
MAybe it was zip bang pow hurtling orbs across the void and leaving
nothing but the heat behind and away we go
MAybe the gods thought it up at happy hour
MAybe all the planets went on parade — and the envelope please!
Earth you’re our new Miss Universe and throw a little oxygen on for color
MAybe earth is the ninth try on an experiment that still doesn’t quite work
MAybe when the o-zone formed — the hydrogen met the oxygen
and they danced until the seas came home
MAybe we started at the bottom of the food chain and worked our way up
MAybe we were the first out of the starting blocks, first with gills, first with eyes, first with feet — eat my dust
MAybe the rest of the food chain was catching up but we could run faster
MAybe we alone of all the animals on the planet were never able to get a hang of our role in nature
MAybe the gods favored us because we came up with more sexual positions
MAybe we rule this kingdom because we overpopulated the world
MAybe we were the last ones to know how badly we really tasted
MAybe its like the Egyptians said
and we should bring a change of underwear
MAybe its like the Greeks said
and the gods are just bowling for dollars and spilling their beer
MAybe its like the Hindus said
and we are all just rats running in an endless maze
MAybe its like the Romans said
and the gods just copied it from a blueprint
MAybe its like the Hebrews said,
but with a god like that who needs enemies
MAybe its like the Christians said
and we all go up and grab our prize
MAybe Kant was right
and I am really god — but I may change my mind
MAybe Nietsche got it right
and the lights are on but nobody’s home
MAybe it’s like everyone says but they all just got a piece
o’ the truth stuck in their craw